Monday, January 14, 2008

For The Love of Sharon

I recently returned from a trip to London to attend an Indian Sikh wedding of a very close friend of Alan & mine.
The traditions and rituals went on for a whole week. I was personally so touched by the outpouring of love from all the families involved. It is hard to describe the visuals, as they were overwhelming. The entire congregation in the temple was filled with a sea of color by the attendees. The women were dressed in traditional Indian dress, every color imaginable. The groom rode to the temple on a white stallion dressed in gold brocade and a red turbin to receive his bride totally bejeweled in red. They met under a raspberry canopy.
I guess the point of my comments is that the entire experience inspired me so much that immediately upon my return I went to work totally exhausted to record my interpretation of my personal experience. I created a new piece called For The Love of Sharon . I represented the event with even more over the top color.
I am very proud to have these beautiful people in my family of friends. I hope I do them justice in representing their proud and ancient culture. I am richer for them including me in their lives.
Describe an event that colored your life.


Mel said...

Hi Dad & Mum,

Hope all is well? Awww you made me cry when I read the piece on your blog. You guys are truly amazing people and I am glad that you are in our life and share everything that we do as a family.
Kiran and I are hoping to try and arrange a holiday to come and see you for a few days but will let you know in advance.
All my love to everyone xx
Big kisses
Sharon xx

Diane said...

I liked far too many to vote for just one although I did vote for just one. Would love to see these works in real life.

Cherry said...

I just love your art work! You are an incredible artist. I am so impressed!