Monday, January 14, 2008

Balancing Act:

Balancing Act is my signature painting. It addresses the obstacles women have faced throughout history by displaying the many challenges and dilemmas along the path of our complicated lives.

The choices we have are endless! Is it possible to do it all and still maintain stability while we multi-task?

The idea for this piece was inspired by a conversation with another woman artist. We spoke at length about the difficulties of fulfilling our potential in art while balancing the daily needs of our family obligations and careers.

As women it seems as though, personal goals have always taken a back seat.

At what point do we try to fulfill our own potential or are we working our way into an obligatory corner?

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Marion said...

What a great artist you are, Melanie! I did not know! And your commentaries went right to my heart! Thank you for sending your beautiful pictures to me. I have shared them with my daughter Judy. You did not mention whether you work in oils, watercolors or colored pens. Let me know.

I hope both of you continue in this beautiful work, in addition to your photography. My good wishes to both of you.