Friday, January 25, 2008

My Mediums of Choice

People always ask me what medium I use in my paintings. The answer is all types of mixed media.

When choosing a medium I consider whatever concept I want to express. For instance, in the painting "Whats your Point" I used watercolor and metallic inks. Watercolor lends a softness to the ballerinas along with the pointillistic style. Also the transparent color embellished with metallic ink give it a dream like luminosity.

My next work I might choose oil or acrylic. It all depends on the mood. Sometimes it is just what I call a happy accident. A goof or a splat that needs covering. Most often, I try to think it through.

I love experimentation where I often end up with a totally different look than my original vision. I always ask my self does it have good composition? Composition is the bones of the work. I then make sure the painting has impact, a main subject, and then most important pleasing color harmony. It is also fun to use maybe four colors and only use them together or when combined to make another color. "Drama Queen" was done with Analagous colors (they reside next to each other on the color wheel. "Woman of Color" was done with complimentary colors which are opposite of each other on the color wheel.

My future may include discussions on mediums and thought processes that go into each subject.

What do you think would be fun? Do you have any creative ideas to add?

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