Saturday, January 12, 2008



Rachel is my beloved first daughter who is a kind and gentle spirit with an enormous soul.

Her goals in life are centered on giving of herself and leaving the world a better place.

My interpretation of Rachel has a dream like quality representing my hope for my daughter and grandchildren to live in a more more peaceful world.

Who do you know that will help better the world just by living in it?


Denis Seguin said...

can't vote on one...they're all great

Nicole said...

Melanie, i love your art its truly fantastic. three favorites are The balancing act, because i am nineteen and am very confused. Secondly, drama queen because i am an actress and feel similarly to the expression you created on her; strong, beautiful.... you know what all of them are great haha thank u for sharing!

Dré said...

Awesome, Man, You're a Divine Artist

Dré said...

Oops, sorry.... assumed a guy
My Bad, but I noticed when I saw your name and recognized the artist in my little Mel