Sunday, January 13, 2008


As women we are challenged with the difficulties of multi-tasking.

Which direction do we go?

Whose needs do we meet first?

How do we balance our jobs and our family obligations?

When do we change direction to complete the next task?

How do we prioritize what is the most important?

At times we feel like shattered pieces of glass that need to be reassembled.

This cycle repeats on a daily basis.


Anonymous said...

Mel, love!
I am immensely impressed by the work you do and and it gives me hope that this phase of feeling shattered, mixed up and vulnarable will be over soon.

Mel said...

Dear Anonymous,

It has been my experience in my own personal life that struggle and pain lead to enormous personal growth.

I truly believe, eventually, that behind each door there is something wonderful for us that is realized after the fragmented struggle.