Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day Dreams

This is a playful look on how women can pass the day indulging their selves in thought.

We can journey off to a safe and distant place, we can imagine ourselves achieving remarkable goals or we can dream of having the perfect romance.

What is in your dreams that makes you think that anything is possible?


rozine said...

I'm blogging about a dream and as a visually oriented person, I wanted an image to represent me dreaming - and after a quick google-image search, I found this Day Dreamer.
I love her and the rest of your work is amazing, too!
Would you be terribly offended if I linked to your blog and used this Day Dreaming picture to "introduce" my day dreaming blog?

Mel said...


Day Dreams has been one of my best sellers since women relate to dreaming about their future and potential. During this election year I have also had lots of comments from women that are dreaming (like you) of a healthy future for our country.

I am honored that you like my image enough to represent your blog. Yes, you have my permission.


rozine said...

Thank you so much!

Here it is: